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Published On: Mon, Jun 16th, 2014

The Devine Experience: The Devine Xperience

xperienceThe Devine Experience
The Devine Xperience
(Let’s Beat Milo Records)

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Electronic duo The Devine Experience open their debut album with the blurbing and drum machine chunk of “Alien Dust,” an interesting enough, short sonic landscape. However, I prefer when things get going (with some decidedly Gaga-like wailing) from Vanessa Garic on “Alien Love Truth.” This one’s got roiling low keys, a menacing plodding and single, effective lines all delivered by Robert Jaros/Robert Devine, the creator of the 11 songs here.

“Completely In a Trance” might be my “complete” favorite here. The beat is free-upped from the usual drum machine thin tightness, and there is a stretching studied synth feel here that is at times sad and then almost European, dare I say, in its sensibility.

We get hit with the duo of “In a Dream,” first the remix of the tune then the tune itself. I like the second one though, with Garic’s floating “yeahs” and though certainly  a little more claustrophobic in production, this one seems more expanse in Devine’s choice of sounds.

“Strange Mutation” is another solid song with watery slides, those high wonderful Garic “oohs” and her talking vocal. I especially like the claves-like plinks. The remix radio version of “The Answer” is loud and brassy and the regular version that follows is a much quieter song with a double time high hat.  Things get slow, low and crawly on “Touch the Sky” with Devine’s advice to “relax” every beat or so. He plays some neat lead lines here too.

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The Devine Experience: The Devine Xperience