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Published On: Sat, Jun 21st, 2014

The Danny Petroni Blue Project: The Blue Project

The Blue ProjectThe Blue Project
The Danny Petroni Blue Project

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Currently cutting through the area with live dates supporting their self-titled album (June 21st at Tammany Hal,l NYC & July 24th at Silvana in Harlem, NYC) The Blue Project is a musical collaboration born in the wake of a terrible natural disaster. Asbury Park-based guitarist Danny Petroni set out with the goal of employing local N.J. musicians and using local music productions after superstorm Sandy left so many of the Garden State’s working musicians without gigs. This CD features great players working-out 10 original Petroni compositions.

Sweeping horns glisten up and down into the fun quick beat and horn bleat of the slightly naughty “I’ve Seen Everything;” Petroni’s guitar, vocalist Frank Lacy’s trombone and Gary Oleyar’s violin all take a lead here. Second song “Taste Like Chicken” is more dirty fun, with pretty much the same instrumentation and a lot more of Petroni wailing. Things get a bit rockin’ on “God Of War,” the horns are still there but we’re into some nice rock/jazz stuff, with Lacy sounding especially good following the melody line behind him.

Things get slow and slinky on the truly wonderful Lacy & Petroni mix- and-match “I Changed My Ways” with Jo Wymer providing a great counter duet-ing vocal to Lacy. There’s lots of guitar fun on the groovy “Cracker Jack” showcasing Petroni’s use of some wonderful electric maneuvers and different tones.

“Diminishing Returns” sees Petroni sweetly on his own, a real showcase instrumental for his touch. And the funky organ slink and quick run riffery of ”Hey You’re Looking Good” ends the CD.

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The Danny Petroni Blue Project: The Blue Project