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Published On: Wed, Aug 13th, 2014

Hot Hair Salon and Infrared Sauna: That’s Evolution

Hot Hair Salon“You tell me that it’s evolution, well you know, we all want to change the world…” As the Beatles sang, if you want to change the world, try evolution. And if you want to change the quality of your hair care, and support the environment at the same time, there’s Evolution Salon in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Yes, Evolution offers all the bells and whistles men, women, and kids seek from their stylists, from Brazilian Blowouts to highlights, cuts, and color of all types. But this salon is different. You won’t have to worry about toxicity from fumes caused by Coppola Keratin Treatments or Brazilian Blowouts here. The salon offers a fume extractor designed to absorb and remove treatment vapors, such as formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde, and other gaseous pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide, ethylene, and mercaptans. Fans don’t do the trick, but a fume extractor like the one at Evolution, will. Less than 1% of LA area salons offer Brazilian Blowout in this safe environment. The chemical capture system protects the breathing zone around the client and stylist, absorbing and containing chemical vapors, minimizing what’s known as “hair salon air,” cleansing the work station, and capturing pollutants not just in the air but those which sink toward the floor, due to the heaviness of the chemicals.

Salon owner, stylist, and salon director Rodilyn Basco-Wooldridge is also a certified Reiki pracitioner, wife, and mother of 6, and she’s used all her skills and experience to create an eco friendly, green hair salon from her fume extractor to utilizing recycled furnishing components and installing infrared saunas to address her client’s whole body needs.

“Becoming environmentally conscious and health conscious was at the top of my list when I decided to take the leap on my own. We recycle all recyclable materials, we choose recycled products whenever possible, and we purchased an air cleaner and fume extractor specifically designed to remove harmful chemicals from the air, keeping our stylists and clients safe,” Basco-Wooldridge states. Her hair care products are green-friendly, too. “Loma Organics hair care line is our main and biggest seller. It’s also an environmentally conscious company, manufactured and bottled in the US, certified organic aloe vera based.”

All of Loma Organics products use aloe vera rather than a water base, are sulfate, sodium chloride, gluten, and paraben free, with natural UV protection and natural essential oils. Not only is the salon’s top seller color safe and keratin safe, too, it’s economical, available at less than half the cost of most salon products with a less environmentally friendly bent. So Evolution isn’t just about helping the environment stay green, it’s about keeping more green in clients’ pockets, too.

As Basco-Wooldridge explains “The Evolution name was chosen for a reason. It represents our philosophy and goals: constantly growing and contributing positive energy to humanity and our planet.”

The salon exudes a chill vibe, with easy appointment making, carefully selected, soothing music selections, and even water flavored with cucumber ice cubes. “I used a feng shui map, and arranged the salon to create a positive flow of energy,” Basco-Wooldridge notes. “And we wanted to take the salon beyond just hair care and into whole body care. We recently installed infrared saunas to allow our clients an affordable place to detox and relax, strengthen the body’s immune system, burn calories, and help to eliminate stress-related problems.”

In fact, according to USC’s Dr. Jeffery Spencer, infrared wavelengths create great therapeutic benefits increasing blood flow, delivering oxygen, and improving cell health. Not a component of an average hair salon, the infrared saunas here are a great fit with the holistic direction of the hair care offered at Basco-Wooldridge’s salon. From cutting edge, healing infrared saunas to pollution free hair treatments, the revolution has begun.

Evolution Salon
934 Hermosa Ave #6
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
(310) 374-9433

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Hot Hair Salon and Infrared Sauna: That’s Evolution