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Published On: Thu, Sep 4th, 2014

THE SEX FILES: Playing Catch-Up

Tera PatrickFrom time to time I enjoy playing catch-up withwhat’s going on in the world of erotica/porn. Four days into September and already things are heating-up, good and bad, for us all and I wanted to hip you to some stuff, or add my voice to some of the dramas we all have no doubt heard of.

By now I am sure you read about the iCloud theft of several celebs naked pics? Women like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton (to name a few) had nude and semi-nude shots taken from their private online cloud storage, the photos showing-up on various aiding and abetting sites. It seems now there might be more to the theft (and to be sure, this is theft not a ‘leak’) when one considers that naked pics stolen from Olympic star McKayla Maroney’s account were nudes of her taken when she was underage (by her boyfriend at the time.)

Reddit, one of the sites where these pics were posted, actually stepped in to say they were taking down those Maroney snaps (though not the ones stolen from celebs who were older than 18 at the time their pics were taken). Maroney at first claimed the photos popping-up online were fakes, but her attorney wrote a letter demanding her obviously ‘real’ pictures be taken down at various sites.

Theft, posting naked underage pictures, where will this net thievery drama end?

Now in ‘legal’ adult image news

Adult Biz director Jim Powers new DVD release mixes sex and romance in some very spectacular scenes. The movie, Summer Lovers, stars such notables Riley Reid, AJ Applegate, Nikki Hearts, Giovanni Francesco and a host of others. Produced by True Love Films, Summer Lovers features “Sexy, steamy scenes that actually felt real and romantic because that’s an aspect of adult films that often gets overlooked,” Powers tells us.

Summer Lovers hits streets 9/17. For more on it visit and

I don’t get the chance all that often to expound, opine
tell you about something adult when it comes to the NYC stage. But The Workshop Theatre in downtown New York City will be presenting the show Daughters of the Sexual Revolution from 9/18 (preview date) to 10/11. Taking place in 1976, three women engage in their own ‘revolutionary activities’ against the backdrop of post-Nixon America, questioning individual ethical dilemmas of what it means to be faithful–to one’s values, one’s partner and oneself (I am personally hitting the show early Oct. and will review it then, but get tickets for it now, the early buzz here is pretty much fantastic:

Our old friends over at are up to naughty good times
this time on the radio. Superstar ex-adult star but still pretty much world class hottie, Tera Patrick will guest host at Vivid Radio’s SiriusXM channel 791 every Wednesday of Sept. from 4-5 pm PT.  As we all know, Tera has been keeping very busy writing books (she has two coming out soon) appearing at conventions (she is a regular at both the Comic Con and Wizard World shows) and has appeared in lots of movies (many of which you can see at actually.)

You can call-in to Tera’s radio show at 1-855-99-VIVID and hear her at

And in more Tera Patrick news: Pink Diamond69 is unveiling a new package for their “Magic Balls” prominently featuring Tera Patrick—each model (single and double) and color (pink and purple) will have its own unique box for a total of four different box styles.

The Magic Ball, the first product from adult toy company Pink Diamond69, is a traditional exercise/yoga ball with built-in handles
and a built-in dildo and/or anal plug on its top. The Magic Ball currently comes in two models and two colors (pink and purple)—the single is dildo or the double, a dildo/anal plug combo.

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THE SEX FILES: Playing Catch-Up