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Published On: Wed, Sep 10th, 2014

Nick & Knight: Nick & Knight

nick & knightNick & Knight
Nick & Knight

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Pop icons for more than twenty years, Nick Carter and Jordan Knight have come together in a long-awaited musical collaboration. While at first it may not seem like these two are the ideal pair, one listen of their album says otherwise.

The album opens with the catchy, upbeat tune, “One More Time,” a song that stays in your head long after it’s over. The album, produced by both Carter and Knight, is filled with creative songs throughout, which showcases just how well these two fit together musically.

The theme of love is present throughout, which tends to be the case with many pop albums, but these guys handle it exceptionally well. Perhaps the best example of this is the song “Paper,” with lyrics like, “You can’t have a heart if it’s made of paper,” which explains how money has no place when it comes to true love, undoubtedly something both men have experienced.

While it is filled with songs you can dance to, arguably the best song on the album is the last one. It’s the honest, soulful ballad, “Halfway There,” which paints a portrait of what can happen when those three little words enter a relationship.

If there is ever a question as to whether this duo should release another album, I would say they should, at least “one more time.”

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Nick & Knight: Nick & Knight