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Published On: Wed, Oct 8th, 2014

EndAnd: Fun Times With Shitty People

Fun Times With Shitty People

EndAnd presents noisy garage/punk rock from the heart of Brooklyn. The band (Daniel Fern on guitar/vocals, Daniel Fogarty on bass and Mike Morales on drums) began in 2011 and have just released a new EP called Fun Times With Shitty People. It’s not a crappy record at all. In fact, it is fast, loud, fun and brash – just what you want from this ballsy trio.

“Art #1,” the lead track, is pretty much a muddy mess. I like “Choked On Beer” more, a Ramones-like send-up of commercial punk pop fun. “Much and More About Everything” is gnarly and muted with a tight over-driven guitar, heavy bass, and Fern screaming. The blisteringly fast “I Don’t Party” (and saying it is blisteringly fast in regards to the other songs here is saying a lot) is my favorite. The trio seems to be firing on all pistons, and together, on this one.

EndAnd is an acquired taste – I won’t pull punches and tell you otherwise. But this band is not pulling punches either. They are delivering riotous playing, songs with a punk rock sensibility, all at break-neck speeds that could leave you with whiplash.

You can listen to the EP here.

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EndAnd: Fun Times With Shitty People