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Published On: Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014

THE SEX FILES talks to “Lil Ivy”

Lil IvyIf I didn’t think so before writing THE SEX FILES I certainly believe it to be true now, that there is a whole big wacky wonderful world out there. People’s interests, be they sexual or just something one likes to do with the family on a Sunday, can cover a wide range and if one is not impinging on the freedoms of another, all parties are consenting, and basically everybody is having fun, I say have at whatever it is you are having at.

“Lil Ivy” (not her real name) is ‘having at’, having created her Clips4sale store for men and women with a specific interest in diaper/age play/spanking fetishes. I talked to this budding entrepreneur about the content she provides her fans, how the very popular Clips4sale works (admit it, you’ve spun by the site a time or two!) and how she fits her interests into her everyday life.

Can you explain to those of us who might not have this interest what diaper/little age/age play is all about?

For me, age play is a role playing fetish. You feel more comfortable as a different age, or even gender; an age usually younger than your actual age. Different accessories are used to recreate the age (diapers, pigtails, pajamas, pacifiers, crayons). Sometimes it’s just the mentality of being young again, and needing someone to care for you. This is a good way for many people to de-stress at the end of the day. You leave your adult problems at the door and can be happy and bubbly.

This is stuff you star in, but is this your personal particular sexual interest as well?

Yes, I am an age player. It is my fetish. In other words, this type of kink brings me sexual gratification. I started indulging in this in my late teens and early 20’s. Only in the last few years though, have I really discovered I like this type of play in my life.

How does a Clips4sale site work as far as getting into it, building it as a business?

I found it pretty user friendly once you read the tutorial and figure out how to make your site. You need an ID, a W9 and 10 videos to upload (with their approval) and that’s about it. You link your bank account and presto! You can create rotating banners to get your name out there and then your “Store front” can have pictures and words; you are basically pimping yourself out for customers to stop by and purchase a video or three.

How long generally are your clips and how much does each one cost?

I generally make a five minute video. Clips4sale can generate price automatically for you depending on the length of the film, or you can charge what you like. You can get a run-of-the-mill 5 minute fetish video clip for about $5.99. Clips4sale splits the cost with you 60/40, you keeping the larger part. You can tally your sales and run traffic reports online and see how many people are visiting your store front.

What’s your long range goal here, to just keep adding more clips, creating your own website, moving on from this all together and getting into something else…or just running your clips4sale items as an extra income source doing something you love?

I have a regular 9-5 office job, so for now, this is a side income. In time, if I ever get that popular, I would like to start my own website. Not just for me, but for other models as well to join me and share their public erotica on my fetish site. I do love this and I always have. I am happy I took the plunge and am finally starting my Clips4sale store! I have met many gorgeous, intelligent men and women through this site and everyone’s goal is the same: To give the public what they want at a reasonable cost for everyone to enjoy.

Has your interest/kink/fetish changed for you personally since you got into making content?

My private kink life has dramatically changed since I started making erotica. I travel to Cons all over the country. I do Meet-N-Greets all the time. I get invited to host parties or make cameos at screenings. All in all, I have an amazing time. The people in this industry are nothing short of fantastic. They make you feel comfortable and welcome.

I do feel though that making fetish videos has made me want to take a step back from kink every once in a while. You get over saturated with it and lose what you love about it in the first place. I read some scripts for shoots and think “Ok here we go again…” It’s hard to keep coming up with plots and twists.  In the end it’s all the same destination, you try to make the route getting there fun and exciting and it gets cumbersome. I find my personal life also staggering. I am single and OK with that for the first time in my life. I am constantly around people and they are the people in my life that make me happy. So because of this work, I am grateful. I feel that it has taught me it is ok to be yourself and focusing on work and my happiness is really what needs to be happening in my life.

You can find Lil Ivy’s Clips4sale store here: and follow her on Twitter here: and Tumblr here.

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THE SEX FILES talks to “Lil Ivy”