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Published On: Tue, Nov 11th, 2014

We talk with singer Lynn Henderson

Lynn HendersonConnecticut-based singer Lynn Henderson is pretty much a master of the cabaret stage. Seeing as we have plenty of them here in NYC, it is no surprise that Lynn is coming to the famous The Metropolitan Room on November 20th with her highly praised cabaret act, this time in support of her new album, If We Only Have Love. A contemporary singer supporting as wide a range vocally as she does a repertoire of songs, I had some time for a sit down with Lynn about her life, music and what exactly cabaret is all about.

Cabaret is a unique style presentation/performance. For those who might not know, how indeed does it differ from an everyday concert/performance…if it really does at all?

Cabaret, in my opinion, is more personal than a regular concert. The rooms are generally small and intimate, so the performer is able to really communicate with the audience. In addition, the material used is generally backed by a story  line sharing feelings and life experiences with the audience.

With such a large repertoire of songs, how did you come to pick which ones to perform for this show?

This show is made up of songs my fans like, especially from my previous two NYC cabaret shows, and two albums. It is meant to be a celebration of my life’s challenges and adventures.

Following from this, how did you come to pick the songs for If We Only Have Love.

The songs on If We Only Have Love reflect milestones in my life from becoming a mother to delivering medical supplies by horseback in India. More importantly, it reflects my observance of the joy, poverty and sorrow in the world as I traveled extensively in Southeast Asia and India.

How do you come to negotiate your career in the landscape of what is left of the music business these days? I am specifically speaking to digital dissemination of music, YouTube gaining such ground, etc.

The digital dissemination of music is a plus, I believe. Artists are more responsible than ever for their own promotion of their music and their persona….and carefully controlling what they share with the world on Facebook or YouTube or iTunes

What’s happening for you beyond this New York date, what’s the New Year going to bring?

I am putting every effort I can to following my lifelong dream – after raising a family and working in business for decades. This is now MY time. I don’t know where it will take me…..but I won’t stop singing.

Tickets for Lynn’s November 20th show can be purchased online at:

Her new CD, If We Only Have Love is available on her website and on iTunes .

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We talk with singer Lynn Henderson