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Published On: Fri, Nov 21st, 2014


prince 3rdPrince and 3RDEYEGIRL
(Warner Bros.)

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Hitting the market with two recent releases, Art Official Age and this album, Plectrumelectrum, Prince is certainly making lots of noise.

“WOW” opens this 11-song collection with stripped-down, heavy bass, voice verses and over-driven, sing-song choruses. It features heavy riffing, wha-wha bass and wailing at the end (the first of which will prove lots of wild guitar playing from his grand Purpleness). “AINTTURNINROUND” features one of Prince’s all-girl backing trios here singing, drummer Hannah Ford Welton. It’s a driving, heavy chorus mover with big stuff from Prince’s guitar, especially feedback distortion at the end reminding me of “Let’s Go Crazy.”

The album’s title track is a riff-tastic instrumental Led Zep-like rocker with Prince and bass player Ida Nielsen in-sync, and the main man trading off with guitarist Donna Grantis at the tail end. It’s a highlight here for me.

Ford takes lead vocals again (with Prince backing) on the soft “WHITECAPS,” another big bass tune from Nielsen with a singable chorus. “FIXURLIFEUP” is a huge rocking comment-on-society song (though some of the lyrics are a bit trite) with a great rocking chorus, grooving verses and a bass-slappin’ jam at its end. “BOYTROUBLE” has cool raps with Lizzo and Sophia Eris with a stompin’ bass, but it doesn’t really ever get off the ground.

“ANOTHERLOVE” is yet again a sexy Prince song that opens up into almost a Fleetwood Mac-like ending with Prince expertly and expressively leading out at the end. It’s another stand-out track.

“FUNKNROLL,” a song that appears on both ART OFFICIAL AGE and this album, ends this collection in a Sign O The Times-era Prince style, in full funk glory.

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