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Published On: Thu, Dec 4th, 2014

THE SEX FILES: Celebrating One Year Of Vivid Radio with new hosts Alexis Amore & April Flores

Alexis AmoreDid you happen to know that Vivid Radio just celebrated their first year anniversary?

“We launched Vivid Radio with great enthusiasm that has only gotten stronger in the past 12 months,” said Farrell Hirsch, General Manger of Vivid Radio. “We knew it was ambitious to start with an entire network of shows but we couldn’t resist because of the extraordinary talent available. We now have over 20 shows and each one has a gorgeous porn star host and its own fan base.”

I was lucky enough to interview two of those hosts for this week’s, THE SEX FILES. Here I talk with host Alexis Amore.

Peruvian born Alexis moved with her family to the U.S. when she was a child and settled in Redondo Beach, CA.  The raven-haired beauty started modeling for Nordstrom at 15. Years later, with 48-24-32 measurements, she met adult stars Jewel De Nyle and Alexa Rae and learned about their positive experiences in ‘the industry.’ She was intrigued and contacted Vivid Entertainment, which hired her in November 1999 for her first film, The Watcher 6. This led to more movies and later her work as a director.

Alexis’ new show, “That’s Amore” can be heard on Wednesdays, from 1-2pm PT, SiriusXM app, channel 791 and on

Alexis formerly penned a sex advice column for Oye, a mainstream magazine in Peru, and was a columnist for AVN Insider. She has been the subject of various stories in Hispanic media and is the winner of the NightMoves Fan Choice Best Actress Award as well as the Fan Choice Best Feature Entertainer Award.

Will you be bringing some of your advice column ideas/help to “That’s Amore?” It seems this background could serve you well if callers ask specific sex questions?

Of course. Even if I don’t have a degree in sex education I feel that my own experience and all the years in adult have made me an expert in a way. I think so far in my radio experience I’ve also helped several people and couples.

What is the sexual climate like in Peru presently? Liberal, conservative?

Oh no, not liberal. PerĂş like any other Latin American country is very reserved when it comes to gay and transgender. I hope that changes one day but that’s how Latinos are. It’s not that it isn’t accepted, it’s that it’s something’s that people keep private.

Vivid Radio just celebrated a one year anniversary, how does it feel to be doing a show at such a well-respected satellite radio station?

I love it!!  Having started in adult with Vivid, it’s such a pleasure to do Vivid Radio for them after all these years in the industry. In addition to hearing me on Wednesdays from 1-2pm PT, listeners can also hear me via their SiriusXM  app and on channel 791.

For those who have yet to listen, what’s your show like?

My show is fun! We talk about everything — sex. sports, fetishes, hobbies…. I plan to have some special guests. Maybe Nikki Delano, Olivia Olovely, Brooke Heaven, Marie Luv to name a few.

Beyond “That’s Amore” what’s happening for you in the upcoming New Year?

I want to continue to feature. My site ( is getting a new look and that’s exciting. I really want to do more conventions in 2015. And of course focus on “That’s Amore.”

Here I talk with host April Flores.

April FloresMulti-award winning adult actress April Flores is the number one BBW star in the world.  She is also a muse, a model and a feminist, but that’s barely scratching the surface of this fearless voluptuous star with brilliant scarlet hair.  She is a proponent of the LGBTQ community, a sex-positive activist, an outspoken advocate of body diversity, a glamorous art model, avid kink fan (both sub and dom) and all around powerful woman. Her mere presence and powerful sexuality speaks volumes about her activism for body diversity.

April’s show, “Voluptuous Life,” can be heard on Thursdays, at 1-2pm PT on the SiriusXM app, channel 791 and on

Tell us about the show.

“Voluptuous Life” entertains, informs…and arouses. Since the adult entertainment awards season is upon us, I’m hoping to have people who are nominated for awards as guests. I would love to have a regular feature that is educational in some way. I think we can always learn something new, whether it’s a new position, a new act, a new performer, etc.

As a powerful advocate of what I would consider all positive sexual aspects of our society, do you feel we have made great big strides in the past few years regarding the rights of the LGBTQ community, in body image? Where might we still need to battle, what are the important sexual/adult questions we are still not answering or just skirting around still?

We have to be vigilant about body image. Too many people still have self-esteem issues regarding their body, no matter what their size is. People’s self image needs to be supported and we always need to support one another in the quest for a positive body image. Some part of me feels like the battle is never going to stop.

What does a BBW enjoy specifically sexually that other less curvy ladies don’t?

Everybody and every body is so unique that I can’t answer this question in generalities. I think ultimately people want to feel desired when they are having sex. As for me, I love to connect with a partner in the moment however long that may be. Sex for me is a time to escape real life and focus on giving and receiving pleasure.

Seeing as Vivid Radio just celebrated one year on the air, they must be doing something right. What makes good radio in the end-adult of otherwise?

It’s wonderful to be on Vivid Radio. It has the greatest group of hosts! I have been a fan of the talk radio format for many, many years. Good radio is about the voice and the story while keeping people engaged and interested. You can also hear our programs on the SiriusRadio app and channel 791.

Tell us what’s going on for you beside the show, what’s coming up for you in 2015?

I am so glad you asked! I have many irons in the fire for 2015. I have some films projects I am working on as well as photography and art, and of course more performing and modeling!

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THE SEX FILES: Celebrating One Year Of Vivid Radio with new hosts Alexis Amore & April Flores