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Published On: Fri, Dec 12th, 2014

Goste: Eugene


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Brooklyn-based experimental electronic Goste’s Eugene EP explores dark-themed lyrics, drums sounds, loops and a good amount of different vocal sounds. Goste, whose real name is Owen Ross, is a producer, instrumentalist, and composer, a one-man band who Cailey Lindberg of calls “one of those rare producers in experimental electronic music who adds his own vocals to tracks instead of samples.”

And this Goste does so with some interesting results in these six tunes.

“Hold On/Let Go” features some backward-sounding tape loops, strong voice and drums feeding into a solid, repetitive chorus with good lilting harmony vocals. “Single File” has heavy keys, a mid-’80s sound to the drums with more aggressive vocals from Goste, but he’s back to the mumbling and low blurps.

The ending tune, “Won’t Be Long,” might be the best. I like how noisy the guitars get here (the real first use of such distortion by Goste on these six) and I like his vocals when he’s not mumbling in the midst of the sound-like-loops synth mélange.

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Goste: Eugene