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Published On: Mon, Jan 12th, 2015

Frank Turner: The Third Three Years

frank turner third three yearsFrank Turner
The Third Three Years
(Xtra Mile Recordings)

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It would be a struggle to find an artist more generous or better connected to his fans than English folk/punk rocker Frank Turner. As the title suggests, The Third Three Years is his third compilation of covers, session cuts, and other tracks that have not appeared on previous LPs.

For me, it’s difficult to pick the highlights of this collection since there are no lows, unless you get precious about who’s “allowed” to cover certain classics. The opening track, a cover of Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” is incredibly fun, and Turner was right to include a choir to make it as uplifting as possible. “Hits & Mrs” is a cutesy pun, but a fun folk track about “hangover hugs and comedown kisses.” The countryesque “Fields of June,” a collaboration with Australian songstress Emily Barker, is a compelling back and forth argument about the end of a relationship. I never knew that I wanted to hear an acoustic, raw folk version of “Live and Let Die,” but it hits all the right spots. “Plain Sailing Weather” is one of my favorite Turner songs, and this live version from The Cutting Room Sessions emphasizes how therapeutic the song is, beautiful and profane all at once.

For the more casual fan, this is an opportunity to snag songs that have been spread out across EPs or from other compilations. For the completionist, a third of the songs included have never been released previously, so there truly is something for everyone who is a fan of Turner.

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Frank Turner: The Third Three Years