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Published On: Thu, Jan 15th, 2015

THE SEX FILES: The Pink Diamond69 “Magic Ball”

Pink Diamond69I had the pleasure of speaking to Shauna Roberts, the Marketing Director for Pink Diamond69. Pink Diamond 69 has developed their Magic Ball, a “Hippity Hop” for the ‘orgasmically challenged’…as well as any other adult who wants to have more than a little fun. With porn superstar Tera Patrick as the ball’s box cover girl and having gained mainstream attention as well as porn accolades, this new sex toy is bouncing forward to be one of the best adult pleasure items on the market. AsI do every year, I try and keep THE SEX FILES readership abreast (or 2) of all the good stuff coming at us, and 2015 will prove to be no different; here is good stuff indeed!

The Pink Diamond69 has a selling claim of helping females who have trouble reaching orgasm…how exactly does it do this?

By focusing on the exercise part of sexercise, the women are less focused on orgasms, and then are able to have them. By not thinking so hard about orgasms, they can organically happen.

The Pink Diamond is making big headway in what one could consider mainstream places as well as adult toy distributors. Are we ready for stuff like this now, is society finally changing towards sex?

We hope people are ready for the Magic Ball. We’ve gotten mainstream coverage from Huffington Post, Crave Online, Fleshbot, and Huffington Post, so the acceptance seems to be there. We’d love to see one in every home.

How did Tera Patrick get involved as your box cover model?

Our publicist, Erika Icon, came up with the idea. When she started working with Pink Diamond69, she knew a complete rebranding was in order. She told Tera about the product and she fell in love with it and said yes to being our spokesmodel. (She’s even going to sign at our booth during AEE (the Adult Entertainment Expo) in Las Vegas)

How did Dr. Bei come up with this design specifically? As it says in all your press, and certainly looking at the Magic Ball, it really does resemble the “hippity hops” of old.

The inventor Dr. Bei is a sexologist and he was working with women who couldn’t reach orgasm, so he came up with the Magic Ball. He had the idea for a long time and was reluctant to release it, but we’re glad he did.

I think the Magic Ball harkens people back to when they were a kid and had a Hippity Hop, so yes, there is some familiarity of the giant round ball with handles that you can bounce up and down on—we’ve just added a dildo or dildo/buttplug. In England, they call them Space Hoppers and when The Daily Sport covered our product the article was entitled “Space Fuckers Take the UK by Storm.”

What other products are coming from Pink Diamon69 in the future? Anything that you can hint at?

We’re going to do a double ball that will look like a peanut, so two people can use it at once. We’re hoping this and other new models will be out in 2015.

Hop on over to Pink Diamond69 to get your very own Magic Ball:

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THE SEX FILES: The Pink Diamond69 “Magic Ball”