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Published On: Thu, Jan 22nd, 2015

The Budos Band: Burnt Offering

budosThe Budos Band
Burnt Offering
(Daptone Records)

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Burnt Offering, the latest release from The Budos Band, is fiery soul funk extraordinarily executed with lively horns, funneling basslines, booming percussion and much more. Elegant swarms of glaring trumpets taunt on the track “Into the Fog.” The shuffle of drums along with a villain vibe render it a pretty perfect theme song. An organ and slashes of electric guitars seem to be reaching daring levels on “Burnt Offering” and somehow with the ability such as like a snake charmer, the urge to resist being moved goes wasted. The level of musicianship The Budos Band possess is specialized and delightfully impressive. It’s a machine that is both robust and unforgettable. The warm secretive pounce of “Aphasia” is hypnotic, while “Magus Mountain” immediately lures with prickly guitars while the song soon erupts into a swaggering, swirly brawny charm. Burnt Offering is The Budos Band’s fourth full-length studio album and is both monstrous and menacing and that is only the beginning of what makes it great.

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The Budos Band: Burnt Offering