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Published On: Mon, Jan 26th, 2015

Ani DiFranco: Allergic To Water

ani diAni DiFranco
Allergic To Water
(Righteous Babe Records)

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Ani DiFranco has long ruled the genre of sociopolitical lyrical prowess tapered in the luxurious complexity of intricate yet melodious guitar execution that sort of began with a firmer footing and neo-revitalization of a folk music space. Along with infusing her style with funk, pop, country, R&B, electronic music and more, she’s done it all on her own and she’s done it all very well throughout the years. The dusty cowboy western flow of “Dithering” and its biting take on humanity is sweltering and unflinching. “Rainy Day” is a lullaby with a bite, drowned in delicate strands of minimalistic yet wildly melodious guitar. The songs are wrapped in a luscious emotive dissection of human interaction, relationships and the complexities that exist quite fervently in that space. Those long drawn to the more beefy, elegant acoustic guitar dynamics of a more indie pop rock side will be drawn to Allergic to Water, her 18th studio album. DiFranco continues to shine and grow into her own foraged space of brilliance when it comes to analyzing humanity in a world that seems to find it rarer by the passing day.

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Ani DiFranco: Allergic To Water