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Published On: Tue, Jan 27th, 2015

Dorian: Running Back to You

dorianDorian Running Back to You (self-released) Buy it at Amazon! Dorian has a voice plucked from the classical loins of legends like Al Green or Donnie Hathaway. As soon as it hits the intensity of emotion against the skin of a song, it creates for it a better place. His new EP, Running Back to You is expansive and vocally captivating. Each song boasts a nicely varied multi-genre musical appeal while songs are largely about love, loss and the life that moves between such things. Having toured extensively as a background singer for Sam Smith and appearing along with him during many different TV appearances, it’s no wonder Dorian has been sharing the stage with one of the hottest singers out right now. Smith is also nominated for six Grammys this year. Having graduated from the Berklee College of Music, Allen even spent some time on the MTV reality show, P. Diddy’s Making His Band. On “No One Can Love You,” his full-bodied vocal dynamics are extraordinary and easy against the run of this up-tempo love song. “Running Back to You” begins with a fiery guitar run while the vocals build a wicked intensity against a perfect mix of rock and R&B. Allen’s range and ability allow him to sing so beautifully all over any sonic landscape and that is the unshakable wonder on this EP.

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Dorian: Running Back to You