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Published On: Fri, Mar 6th, 2015

Cavalera Conspiracy: Pandemonium

ccCavalera Conspiracy
(Napalm Records)

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When you think of the name Cavalera, most metal heads think of the thrash family duo from Brazil. Indeed the Cavaleras have spent decades screaming, yelling, slamming drumsticks and creating buzz-ripping guitar riffs. From the early days of Sepultura and their soaring heights to the shocking breakup, spawning Soulfly, and the much later reunion which spawned, Cavalera Conspiracy and Max Cavalera’s Killer Be Killed. The brothers together have engraved their names into the metal commandments as worthy preachers of the word.

Cavalera Conspiracy’s third album is not only, as it’s name suggests, Pandemonium, its utter annihilation. Max, Iggor and crew have created the bastard child of Fear Factory, Sepultura, Ministry and Slayer. Maybe it was a good thing that Max kept telling Iggor to play faster.

Opener “Babylonian Pandemonium”’s godlike intro starts into an inferno military blast with distorted vocals heavy on the ministry elements. “Bonzai Kamikazee” is blitzkrieg surgical, electronic industrial dance with Slayer-like evil riffs, like their brains are screaming at their hands to go faster. “Scum,” Napalm Death it’s not, but their power still compels them. “I, Barbarian” is brutal thrash done right. “Cramunhao” opens with bleeding high guitar leads and rock-smashing riffs, like the guitar sirens of the dead with needle strike solos. The “Apex Predator” has no remorse, no misery and no RKO’s. “Insurrection” is Yngwie Malmsteen-meets-Kerry King. “Not Losing the Edge” starts with a whimper of screaming notes and yes, with Korn-sounding effects, there is a groove here. “Father of Hate” has industrial, techno effects run over by speedway guitar chords. “The Crucible” is the madness of Salem and the witch hunt. Bonus tracks “Deus Ex Machina” and “Porra” end the annihilation.

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Cavalera Conspiracy: Pandemonium