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Published On: Tue, Mar 24th, 2015

Anne Steele: What’s Mine EP

anne steeleAnne Steele
What’s Mine EP

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A snappy, big beat starts the opening tune, “What’s Mine,” from the EP of the same name from Anne Steele. This big-voiced, award-winning Cabaret/live performer from NYC presents six songs here that feature her commitment and vocals in good stead.

“Worst I Ever Had” is more bass-driven in the verses, but still retains that snappy, up-front beat. This song though has more bite to it than the poppy opening tile track. I love the drums here and the snarl in Anne’s vocals. “Without You Tonight” gives us lilting piano, a deeper beat, but a slightly slower Anne Steele. She’s still deeply expressive, but takes her time here, lets the lyrics (again about having enough of certain love) open into a superb, commercial chorus with her big voice pushing along.

“Shadow of You” is the ballad from this woman I was waiting for. Even with the obvious synth strings and that little, too-tight drum beat, this is a pretty song indeed with great use of this lady’s great pipes.

A clear 80’s-sounding “Don’t Tell Us How To Love” reveals a slightly banal lyric about a very serious subject, but you have to love Anne for trying. It’s an uplifting, big anthem attempt, and the multi-tracked vocals and beat works to move things well.

Anne Steele certainly can sing. The subject matter of the six songs tends to mine the same subject and the sound of the tunes tends to run around the same instruments and beats. But this is a solid EP from a great singer.

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Anne Steele: What’s Mine EP