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Published On: Fri, Apr 24th, 2015

Little Shells: 5 Deep Under

little shellsLittle Shells
5 Deep Under

“Another Night” begins with its big oompa craziness, then slides into Little Shells’ leader Conchita Campos’ unique vocals over her piano telling a great story. Certainly from the outset of these eight tunes, this Brooklyn-based artist puts me in Ben Folds Five territory (could be the quirky songwriting, strings and piano). But then the low bass from Justin Williams, in-the-pocket drumming from Mike Thies, and Conchita plowing the depths of her expressive voice on the second song, “Haik (god of the sea),” which reminds me of Burt Bacharach (Jordan Mclean’s perfectly placed trumpet bleats help to get me there as well).

But then Little Shells opens to give me so much more.

I wish I could pick just a few songs here, but really there are lots of little gems from this bunch; from “Feet on the Ground” with a click-a-click groove and great harmonies from Campos, the torchy sexiness to “5 Deep Under,” the nearly just solo piano/vocal, light yet dangerous “Lola’s Song,” and breathy ender “Goodnight” featuring Abe Pollack’s upright bass and Jacob Plasse’s exquisite fluid leading over Randy Bergida’s acoustic strumming. Campos might have left the best for last; this jazzy pop song just lifts and sweeps her goodbye and strong use of her soft voice.

Another great tune, maybe the best here.

You can purchase the album here.


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Little Shells: 5 Deep Under