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Published On: Wed, May 6th, 2015

Laura Marling: Short Movie

laura marling short movieLaura Marling
Short Movie
(Ribbon Music)

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Laura Marling has made a name for herself as a folk artist with talent and insight beyond her years.  “I’m taking more risks now. I’m stepping out of line,” she declares on “How Can I,” and Short Movie does defy the expectations established from her previous material. Marling has become more willing to experiment with sound and spoken word, even swapping out her acoustic sound for electric guitar.

It’s easy to hear the influence of Los Angeles in this album, from the slightly weird Laurel Canyon sounds that creep in to the anxiety in the lyrics about not fitting in with the city. “Howl” sounds like it could have been ripped straight out of the ’60s, and lead rack “Warrior” uses the clever imagery of a horse to represent her role in a failing relationship. “False Hope” moves that anxiety to the East Coast, pairing the devastation of Hurricane Sandy with social anxiety and a fear of being alone.

The one minor complaint I have about Short Movie is that Marling’s more intense moments eclipse the delicate acoustic songs. It’s so easy to be taken with the new song that the quieter songs fail to resonate so much upon a first listen. Still, this is a gorgeous record with complex emotional depth, and it shows Marling has potential to break down even more barriers soon.


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Laura Marling: Short Movie