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Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2015

CalatrilloZ: Psalms of Zahyin

CalatrilloZ.jpg Psalms of Zahyin

Psalms of Zahyin
(Self Released)

The loud crunchy and thumping “Origins” opens of Psalms of Zahyin. This is progressive symphonic rock/metal quintet CalatrilloZ’s debut and it is every bit as blisteringly operatic, heavy and high conceptual as you’d expect from this “circus troupe of wanderers.”

There’s storms of chaos here, marionettes with no master, demonic forces…you name it, it is all thrown into the conceptual mix here of this band taking on a whole bunch of forces and showing a bunch of influences.

Songwriter Zahyin’s vocals are especially operatic on the second track, “Lords of Misery” running from piano sweetness to heavy metal fast running. “The Long Winding Road” is a slower slinky plodder, featuring Azriel and Vargover’s cutting-thru guitar lines…I like the beat here mixing with the rising vocals as well. It’s almost a tune you can sing to, though things get fast and crazy near the songs tail, all raising to a kinetic pace.

Things rise even higher on “A Glimpse at a Fool’s Destiny” which features the band at its breakneck best, Jimmy Sticks wailing away on his snare and the full compliment of CalatrilloZ getting-off with their wailing. Midway the guys do change things up a bit, get big and bombastic; they do know how to milk and mine the drama.

As the band’s bio states, CalatrilloZ sees themselves as “perpetual outsiders wherever they travel, their presence is a fleeting experience but a lasting memory.”

Certainly the over-the-top well-played-and-sung Psalms of Zahyin will stay with you. This is fun, loaded, wacky conceptual theater metal played on a grand scale. For more info, visit the band’s website.

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CalatrilloZ: Psalms of Zahyin