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Published On: Thu, May 21st, 2015

Kevin Jenkins: Til The Story’s Told

Kevin JenkinsKevin Jenkins
Til The Story’s Told
(True Groove)

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Kevin Jenkins new album Til The Story’s Told is a brilliant 9-song collection from this blues artist whose near 4-decade career has taken him from Tokyo’s Budokan to London’s famous Albert Hall to NYC’s Madison Square Garden, opening for the likes of Michael Jackson, The Police, BB King, and working with too many other pop/rock notables to name. Opening with a slow chunky version of T-Rex’s “Spirit In The Sky” (a cool chant naming famous prophets begins the tune) we are stuck smack dab between Jenkin’s smooth expressive vocal and the spectacular lead playing of guitarist Tomas Doncker; it’s a near spot-on recreation.

A jangly “Tangled Up” follows, Jenkin’s bass playing fattening-up the groove under his soft perfect vocal…and again with a great Doncker acoustic strum/plucking (Doncker never misses, here or on other recordings I have heard this global soul master play on). The title track is a great straight ahead blues rocker-man I like this track-guitar and bass walking, drums straight ahead, David Barnes’ harmonica up front and big sing-able gospel-like chorus showcasing Heather Powell’s powerful backing vocals.

“Before You Close Your Eyes” is an organ-led lament about someone slipping from this life, Jenkin’s handling of the lyric makes it empowering where it could have easily been maudlin.

I love the Doncker’s bends, noodling, then his jazzy country leading at the end of the mid-tempo snare drum rim mover “County Line,” once again he and Jenkins play off one another perfectly. And the whole concoction ends with big fat bass playing and wha wha’d/gated/and then distorted lead guitar on the bluesy rocker “Crazy Weather,” it sits heavy, grooves and Jenkins as well as Doncker are all over this ender.

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Kevin Jenkins: Til The Story’s Told