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Published On: Mon, Jun 1st, 2015

061180: I’m considering being a cloud


I’m considering being a cloud

“Experimental noise merchant” John Parnell is the sole musician of the 061180 project. The southern musician has released a new collage, I’m considering being a cloud, a six-song EP of ambient tracks that certainly are unique.

Opener “Fiction” is just basically a hollow sounding “shuck” repeated echo, very quiet, almost imperceptible; it’s interesting, but not much there. “A farm in the dessert” follows with the same low wind effect beginning, but now we get a distorted vocal from what sounds like an interview (at least at the beginning). The wind effects increase, changing it’s tone and tightness of the swirl, pretty much staying the same until midway to the end of the tune.

“Home bird III” is next. There is actually a note here at the beginning of the high-pitched circling (imagine an orchestra warming up played on a loop) a loud crystal singe note-like cry. Things level out at the end of the first third into a more distinctly held, tighter note, very Floyd-ian actually, until we get radio wave disturbance and some distorted vocal. Then we are into high, crinkly noise, like out of a 50’s sc-ifi movie (only half way in, still), then that low single ringing note again into a metallic swirl and plunky, loud single ringing overdriven notes, then high vocal trills. Again, it’s quite Floyd-ian (“Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict” anyone?)

“Eat your make-up” is an assault of machine gun-like fire and “A lessor key of Solomon” ends with three snippets of distorted vocal of the narrator’s increased agitation.

You can listen to this EP here.

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061180: I’m considering being a cloud