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Published On: Tue, Jun 2nd, 2015

Tetra: Meter


L.A.’s electropop queen Tetra is releasing her seven-song EP, Meter, on us all throughout the month of June. The first single, “Bad Things,” opens, a naughty little bleat and booping-backed dance track with some back of the throat trilling vocal delivery from Tetra and a modulation at its tail. There’s that tight snapping backing again to “Got You Alone” and a double-tracked vocal. Pretty much the lady is mining the same territory as in her single here (there’s lots of the same sounding machine beats and a mining of the same lyrical concepts throughout Meter), but there’s some nice warbling from Tetra here and a heavy use of the sounds. “Limbo” has some cool wooden percussion sounds and the lady using her voice from a whisper to that weird trill she seems to manage expertly in her higher register. This one pulls you in perfectly as Tetra is not so much wearing her libido on her sleeve. (Whomever is the man or woman object-of-Tetra’s-ache here is one lucky guy/gal). The halting beat of “Reason to Breathe” informs a stuttering dance track that has a plotting, jumpy bass running under Tetra’s fine vocal. The choruses especially float with a keyboard-plucked melody line that gives extra breath to what could easily just have been a simple dance tune. The second single, “The Tunnel,” is the best of what has come before, with a haunting lyric delivered with just as haunted restrained vocal, some spooky key beds and shunking beat. It’s a slow, slinky mover that will get folks moving close and naughty on the dance floor to be sure.

You can listen to the EP here.

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Tetra: Meter