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Published On: Tue, Jun 30th, 2015

Aurian Haller Band: House Of Words

aurianAurian Hall Band
House of Words

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“Wolf At the Door” opens The Aurian Haller Band’s new album, House of Words. Over Paul Hinton’s pedal steel and a softly strummed acoustic into Daniel Marcoux’s piano running a chunky race, I was instantly reminded of Tim Buckley when Haller began singing, his tight vocals floating very high into a sweet, thin tapestry. The title track has sprinkly, picked acoustic guitar with verses of spoken lyrics, before it roils into a funky, electric guitar thang. Drummer Barry Nameth provides a stuttering snare and solid backing vocals as well. “Do Me a Favour” gives us lots of Hinton’s guitar noodling in a rushed lyric and snapping beat. The chorus here has heavy organ and great singalong lyrics. “River Flow” sees Marcoux’s cello and Nameth’s drum provide the verse bed of this tune that at times sounds gospel then flanky modern Americana. I like how Haller switches up from tune to tune and even during the tune itself providing quite a number of tasty twists like he does here. “Façonne abandonne” showcases guitar playing and drumming and the ability of this band to push out a rather solid reggae, while “Tripwire” showcases percussion and what sounds like fretless bass (or again could be cello). Here Haller talks the lyrics, reminding one slightly of Morrison as well as Tom Waits with his bizarre imagery over the string strikes and that consistent jungle beat. House of Words is a rich brew, offering quite a bit of different colors, great musicianship and interesting tunes.

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Aurian Haller Band: House Of Words