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Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

Tyrese: Black Rose

Black Rose
(Voltron Recordz)

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Beginning his career as a model in the 90’s and crooning his way into a Coca-Cola commercial thereafter, singer Tyrese has now released what he says is his last solo album, Black Rose. For at least a decade now, the artist has been most known for acting than singing, having starred in four of the seven Fast and the Furious films, the first three Transformers movies as well as smaller flicks like Four Brothers, Waist Deep and Death Race.

Black Rose is essential R&B ballads full of sensuality, heartbreak, love and forgiveness. Every song blends lovingly into the next, creating a soundtrack made for reconnecting to love or romancing a new one. Tracks like the Tank-assisted “Prior to You,” the Al Green-esque “Waiting On You,” and the sweet “Picture Perfect” make for wonderful backdrops. Really, the entire album is spin-worthy several times over. So enjoy not only the lead single, “Shame” featuring singer Jennifer Hudson, but take in “Addict,” “Leave,” “Body Language” and “I Still Do” as well. I promise you’ll thank me later.

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Tyrese: Black Rose