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Published On: Thu, Oct 1st, 2015

THE SEX FILES: Interview with web performer/adult entertainer LittleRedBunny

LittleredbunnyNew York-based Ophelia aka “LittleRedBunny,” is a web performer/adult entertainer, winner of both the “2013 Sex Awards Best Camgirl” and the “AVN 2014 Favorite WebCam Girl” awards as well as just nominated as “2015 Performer Inductee In the Hall of Fame” for the Adult Webcam Awards. The petite natural redhead was kind enough to give us her certainly experienced perspective on the ‘biz’ from her unique viewpoint, and I think you will find LittleRedBunny’s answers quite enlightening and provocative…maybe you might even go seek her out.

Would it be safe to say that what you do is a marriage of the time-honored art of striptease and our most modern day way of reaching out?

In a way, especially with my approach, as I like to tease in my free chat area to entice people with erotic dancing, along with my flexibility. With the old-style music I play, which is mostly jazz from the 20s- 60s, people often tell me that my room reminds them of an old speakeasy with burlesque dancing.

Would you consider, to be even working in the adult business presently, if you couldn’t do it via cam?

I don’t think so. I like being on webcam because of the medium that it is and the independence I can have with it. A big part of what is appealing for me working on cam is the interaction, how social it can be, the entertainment, along with pleasure.

Is there anything you refuse to do on cam?

I usually manage to meet half way if someone is close to some boundaries I could have. This requires some creativity at times, but I make sure I never leave someone unsatisfied.

Your WIKI page mentions a session of yours that ran 19 hours (I can’t even imagine what went on there!) What has been the shortest?

Ever heard of “minute men?” Well they exist on cam too!

Does a client come to you beforehand and request certain scenarios/outfits or during the course of the conversation do you ‘read’ their specific desire, fantasy or fetish from what they are saying and act accordingly?

Both. A private session is never the same, and usually the fantasy will keep growing and getting more refined as we go along together, within a single private session, but also through the multiple times we often get to meet.

Any favorite haunts in NYC?

I love quiet places that do old-style cocktails, with a nice, laid-back, moody ambiance that is suitable for relaxing and good conversations.

Playing devil’s advocate… seeing as the Internet can disseminate information faster and further than any other method, no one could argue it is a very useful delivery tool. But I hear all the time from performers and movie companies that DVD production and sales are all but dead from massive net piracy and the online facility for a consumer to get what he or she needs when they need it for practically free, plus a lessening of quality seeing that now that anybody can get in and on and post any content in any media they wish. Do you have any thoughts or concerns on how the medium you make your ‘daily bread’ across more or less eviscerated a good part of the business you are in?

What makes the fullest and best experience of what I do working on webcam, is the live action, because the interaction makes it different than anything else. In this medium, it is much more appealing in a way because of the real-time exchange, which makes the visitor not only be a witness, but be part of the course of the actions. It is totally tailored to the requests, the relationship that grows, and we often create a strong friendship that might last forever. So watching recordings doesn’t represent ten percent of what I actually do.

Can you give us an update on what’s coming up for you in the future? Any travel plans, attending any conventions, etc?

I might be attending the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) and AVN Awards again in Vegas in January 2016, and would also love to go to the 2016 The European Summit (TES) and Live Cam Awards again in Spain this coming March. A bigger project, which would also be a first for me, is I am scheduled to be co-hosting the 2016 AW Awards in Romania with Douglas Richter next summer. That should be very exciting!

Lastly-and very important-where can people find you?

On my website There, people can find the link to see me live on webcam, which I perform pretty much 10 hours a day every night. They can also follow me on Twitter: littleredbunnyx and Facebook: LittleRedBunny as well.

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THE SEX FILES: Interview with web performer/adult entertainer LittleRedBunny