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Published On: Fri, Oct 30th, 2015

Miguel: Wildheart

miguel wildMiguel

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I’m always the eager beaver when it comes to new music; there’s always mixed emotions. Working with Short and Sweet NYC comes with many advantages. The main one for me is having my ear to the streets! I have the pleasure of sifting through an amazing list of new and more established artist releases. I like to challenge myself. It’s easy to see artists you appreciate and pick them, but to me that wouldn’t make a well-rounded critic. Miguel isn’t my first choice, but he isn’t my last either. I chose Wildheart to really spend a little quality time with. I didn’t think I would hate it, but I walked away with a few faves. Let’s start with “Coffee,” a song that’s catchy, comfortable and expresses the natural process of an adult attraction. Miguel has crafted a unique balance of funk and R&B. It’s reminiscent of Prince, but loosely my second jam is “The Valley.” Its clever and written well. I love the chords, the beats and the hypnotic feel, which is super sexy. Miguel has a formula and I like it. He had a well-rounded conceptual album. He even added inspiration with “What’s Normal Anyway,” which is one of those records I’m sure may be overlooked. It teaches us that even those who we feel are out of reach, experience moments of isolation or feeling like they fit in. It’s normal to not feel normal. I think anyone can appreciate “Leaves.” I love the melody; it feels like the perfect rainy day soundtrack, although the song sings of California. The song is movie soundtrack worthy. If you love great music to drive to on cruise control, this album has my approval. Play “Simple Things” and turn it up a few decibels, roll a window half way down and zone out. “Face the Sun,” featuring the amazing Lenny Kravitz, is a cool treat. It lets me know that the element of rock was very important to him and is consistent throughout the album. It’s rock, R&B and a funky ride the rest of the way through. It’s mood music for all moods, and that’s all good with me.



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Miguel: Wildheart