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Published On: Tue, Nov 24th, 2015

Opium Denn: Demarkation

opiumOpium Denn
(Artists International)

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Opium Denn’s Demarkation is a 37-minute concept record with nine sequential videos that tell the story of a life from birth to death and supposedly back again. “I Am a Feeling, No. 1,” a swirling synth, big snare and guitar jangle introduces a pretty piano at its end and a very brief lyric about our narrator’s first awareness. There’s more of that piano on the next track, “Leaf,” with some stellar bass playing and the first guitar leading; it’s some very tasty noodling indeed. “A-Drone” has a slight funk to the beat, that jangly guitar again and some interesting ending moments. It’s an instrumental that doesn’t overstay its welcome, yet doesn’t much go anyplace overall. “Masks & Uniforms” builds from a low, distorted guitar roil, some plucky metallic organ sounds (reminding one of Rick Wright from Pink Floyd) and again is held together by funky, plucked bass. The electric swirls round the odd-sounding piano form, making quite the rich concoction all laying a good beat under the vocals. The treat here is a very Supertramp-sounding piano lead. This is my favorite track on Demarkation. The big lead opening the driving title track brings us into more familiar commercial territory. The vocal is very passionately delivered as is the wailing lead; good rocking stuff! Opium Denn claims on his Facebook page that a lot of writers don’t “get” Opium Denn. See if you “get” them here.

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Opium Denn: Demarkation