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Published On: Tue, Dec 29th, 2015

Chris Beyer: Distances

chris bChris Beyer

Washing synth string and plucked guitar begin the spacey, staccato beat of “Intro,” the obvious opening song to Chris Beyer’s new album, Distances. Beyer manages some expressive, distorted Gilmour-like high stabs, as he cuts through until the beat begins and we are into the second song, “Sway” and Beyer’s funky, soft vocals and sly groove. A drum machine takes over for Michael Delillo for an interesting, high-tuned percussion bed running around Beyer’s acoustic quick picking on “I’ve Had Enough.” I like this one very much – the plunky percussion bed, the well-placed harmonic sounds, Beyer’s slightly-effected vocals running as fast as the playing. It’s a soft, slip-of-a-song with a singable chorus that stays exactly where it should with mature restraint. “Bad Luck” with Delillo’s simple but subtle snare, bassist Nick Zinnanti’s soft playing, that at times runs just as kinetic as Beyer’s riffing, is another great song. From those Sade-like verses with the band laying back, to over-driven choruses where the players break out, a robot-voiced bridge, and a pure rock lead. A Doobie Brother’s rhythm informs the last song here, “Medicine,” but beyond the flicka-flick guitar, once we get into Beyer crying to his girl for his being “so sick,” we are lifted to high funk territory. Again Delillo and Zinnanti are worth noting here as much as for where, when and how Beyer places his singular flicking guitar. Check out Chris Beyer’s funk guitar pop attack of Distances here. It’s solid good stuff indeed.

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Chris Beyer: Distances