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Published On: Thu, Dec 31st, 2015

Stormy Mondays: The Lay of the Land / Wading the River

sotrmy mondaysStormy Mondays
The Lay of the Land/Wading the River

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Spain’s Stormy Mondays have just released a double EP, Wading the River and The Lay of the Land.

The flicky “Talking In My Sleep” opens Lay with Jorge Otero’s Steve Forbert-like delivery over a soft train running snare from Dani Menéndez. You have to watch out for Pablo Bertrand’s fine organ solo here as well. The Irish-sea-shanty of “Merry-Go-Round” is informed with additional musicians Héctor Braga, Juan Flores and Miguel Herrero playing through the main melody. It’s a joyous little ditty that doesn’t go anywhere… but who cares? I’m a big fan of “The Finish Line” starting with subtle guitar touches from Menéndez and Bertrand’s organ in the back of the mix, then deep harmonies, and heavy-strummed guitar in the chorus. With Héctor Braga making an appearance once again (on what sounds as much violin as hurdy-gurdy), the band creates the best tune of this seven. “Love and Fire” begins Wading the River with an up-front, snappy beat, Otero managing the main riff and Bertrand following him almost like an E Street Band backing. I just love the driving ballad, “Nobody Knows,” with its descending guitar, single notes, piano and a desperate push to the chorus. It has damn great guitar moments too, from the wailing lead to a George Harrison-like slide. “Struck By Life” is just as good as the above. It’s a good, jangly rocker, again taking a bit from Springsteen, though Otero throws that comparison to the side somewhat with his unique vocals. Given the staccato nature of ender “Not Enough,” we do finally get to hear Rafa Sánchez’ bass playing. Stormy Mondays has produced some catchy tunes across these two new EP’s. Check them out here.

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Stormy Mondays: The Lay of the Land / Wading the River