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Published On: Tue, Feb 16th, 2016

Stryper: Fallen

(Frontiers Records)

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Stryper has continued to rise and stay relevant as a member of the ’80s, big-hair, loud-clothes, and loud-everything era. The hairspray’s gone along with (most) of the bumble bee stripes, but their faith in their religion and music has yet to be shaken. Still a writing, recording, touring unit in 2016, Michael Sweet still has the pipes that shook speakers in their heyday and they still write tunes about the almighty savior delivering positives messages about life and the great heavenly beyond. The airborne bibles may be left in the dressing room, but they’re still fighting the powers of darkness even if they do cover a song from The Lords of Darkness on Fallen. “Yahweh” opens with what most ironically or unintentionally sounds like a pseudo King Diamond scream from Sweet. Angelic monk chants give background to the strong opener. Solos harken to the past while staying modern as the lyrics tell the story of Pilate condemning The King of the Jews to death. On “Fallen” the end is calling, so be prepared. The former most beautiful angel tempts you from below. “Heaven” is a slower number about trying to be good when it’s so easy to be bad, losing your way. The ballad “All Over Again” lives life to the fullest with no regrets and would do it again. An odd choice to some, but it’s a classic tune about the questions of faith and it’s defiance in each mortal’s final hours. Eighties kids might find the irony of hearing “After Forever” on a Stryper record. “Till I Get What I Need” is a fast-peddler, gun-smoker living life from birth until death when The Maker takes us back. “Let There Be Light” tells the story of creation with a metal twist. “The Calling” keeps traveling and chasing the dream on your own personal path to accomplishment and salvation. “King of Kings” questions strength of faith and dying for immortal life. “All Over Again” ends with the acoustic version of the electric power ballad. You can almost see the ’80s touring, backstage video montage complete with a dark arena filled with swaying lighters, far predating cell phone glows.

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Stryper: Fallen