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Published On: Tue, Feb 23rd, 2016

Saul Williams: MartyrLoserKing

saulSaul Williams
(Fader Label)

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New York-bred poet and actor Saul Williams presents MartyrLoserKing, a concept album (and soon-to-be graphic novel) about a computer hacker who lives in Burundi in East Africa. In a recent interview, Williams said “MartyrLoserKing” (the hacker’s screen name) “becomes sort of a virtual phenomenon — kind of like a virtual Banksy — until he is labeled as a terrorist.” An activist at heart, Williams has always spoken on injustice and equality issues, race and political commentary, dating back to his 1998 independent film, Slam, which he co-wrote and starred in as an aspiring rapper, navigating the criminal justice system. MartyrLoserKing, his fifth solo record, is an exploration of topics that include internet culture and gender identity. On “Burundi” he tells the story of the self-taught hacker. “Think Like They Book Say” speaks for the transgender community and “Roach Eggs” creatively describes the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the island of Haiti. Listening to the album of alternative hip-hop and rock is like getting a history lesson in art, culture and politics.

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Saul Williams: MartyrLoserKing