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Published On: Fri, Feb 26th, 2016

THE SEX FILES: Objects Of Desire

Objects Of Desire bookDid you know that sales of “sexual wellness products” are projected to grow to $32 billion by the last year of the decade? Yes, you probably are adding to all that, but even if you’re not, I am sure you will be tickled to check-out the designs on display of these products, as well as jewelry, clothing and even furniture of a decidedly naughty nature in the just published, Objects Of Desire: A Showcase of Modern Erotic Products and the Creative Minds Behind Them.

The heavy hard cover published by Schiffer Books, presents a loving look at design…of these specific very adult products. Created by writer Rita Catinella Orrell and visual artist Jason Scuderi, this is a book that reveals cock rings, vibrators, latex clothing; boasts interviews with some of the leading men and women working in the sex field, designers and bloggers; explores not just the design of objects but also how perfect they can be presented across the pages of such a sumptuous book.

As author Rita Catinella Orrell says:

“A few years ago, while doing research for my product design blog, I noticed that sex toys were winning major industrial design awards around the world. I thought it would make a fun idea for a book, so I reached out to my friend Jason Scuderi to see if he’d be interested in designing the book and he agreed. We are thrilled with the results.”

You will be thrilled as well.

We meet lots of old friends between Rita and Jason’s pages. Jimmy Jane, Lelo, Museum of Sex’s curator Sarah Forbes-her interview was one of my very first columns here-plus whole chapters on specific toys for specific areas of the body, pictures of naughty pieces of furniture, comely models as much showing off rings that double as sex aids, as seeming space-age clothing.

Some of that clothing, latex actually, is made by Dawn Mostow of Dawnamatrix Designs, a latex designer based in Seattle, Washington. Dawn has dressed such notables as Pink, Sharon Stone, seen her clothing appear in T.V. shows like Gotham and her fabulous Skater Dress and inflatable skirt can be seen presently in the Katy Perry Covergirl “Plumpify” commercial. Dawn says of her appearance in this book:

“When Jason Scuderi and Rita Orrell contacted me in regards to featuring Dawnamatrix in Objects of Desire, I felt the excitement that only comes with artistic recognition. Since establishing Dawnamatrix, I have sought to make the garments accessible to anyone interested in dressing for pleasure, for empowerment, and for standing out in a crowd. Dawnamatrix garments placed in this context have involved us in the design conversation at large.”

Dawn is right. This book is about recognizing a full range of artisans from around the world, whose wares certainly make them stand out in a crowd, as much as about how sex products impact and empower our lives, as they are presented here in their unique designs.

There are over 100 objects featured in Objects Of Desire, from high-tech gadgets to handcrafted pieces….something for everyone no matter whats on your mind.

You can find Objects of Desire: A Showcase of Modern Erotic Products and the Creative Minds Behind Them by Rita Catinella Orrell and Jason Scuderi at Barnes & Noble and Schiffer Books. 

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THE SEX FILES: Objects Of Desire