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Published On: Fri, Mar 18th, 2016

Gibrilville: The Foreigner J.J.C. Deluxe

The Foreigner J.J.C. Deluxe
(Foreign Exchange Ent Group.gibrilville Records)

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Gibrilbville’s The Foreigner J.J.C Deluxe is a sprawling rap record about identity and incarceration as well as freedom by the band’s leader, Gibril. Opening with the tinkling keys of “Foreigner Exchange Hustlers,” we get auto-tuned vocals, desperate, interjecting keys and the heavy accent of the rapper with solid, repeating, singable choruses. “Bad Girl” sees those tinkling keys yet again (and auto-tuned-for-effect vocals) over a solid, tight, snapping beat, while “Passports” one of my favorites here, has a repeating line of, “Catch me if you can” and a sly beat, pretty much summing up one man’s trouble in trying to negotiate living in a few places. Ghana Hiplife godfather, Mr. Reggie Rockstone, takes center stage on the sexy “Take Your Life.” It’s not a song that actually goes any place, but the soft reggae beat and equally soft backing female vocals are a treat. “Sexy Lady,” with its arpeggiated keys over a low, walking bass and fast beat features Kwabena Jones in what is another of my favorites here, a nice calling-out, islands-influenced tune. The Foreigner J.J.C Deluxe is basically about one man’s journey in and around trying to find his place on the planet as well as in his heart. It is heady, thick stuff, not so easy to get through on the first listen, but well worth listening to repeatedly. It isn’t just your everyday beats and rapping to be sure.

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Gibrilville: The Foreigner J.J.C. Deluxe