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Published On: Fri, May 13th, 2016

Teknofonic: Essentials Vol. 1

Essentials Vol. 1
(Teknofonic Recordings)

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Founded in 2015 by American composer and producer Adam Reifsteck, Teknofonic Recordings is a NYC-based record label that “supports forward-thinking artists producing genre-bending electronic dance music and gives a platform for emerging talent to reach a diverse audience.” A heady ethos to be sure, but one the label truly keeps to. On this 20-song Essentials Vol. 1 album compilation of artists we get a solid education of just what Teknofonic is about. Daniel Monroe’s “Novacaine,” with its flumpy guitar and hard, arpeggiated keys in the beginning, reminds me of Hot Butter’s “Popcorn” novelty track from way back in the day, but he manages to slice in his other layered keys, a good metallic beat, plus a weird bird squawking lead synth. Derrick Anthony’s “Obama Goes to Cuba” (winner of the best title here for sure) is built from a beginning snapping percussion bed that quickly introduces rising, sparkly keys, then things just take off with the beat, with some metallic hits and Spanish calling-out in the background. After all the hard beat production, I really dug the softer approach of the tinkling and “shhking” beat with distorted vocals that Hypnotriq offers on “Taken (feat. Infinite Crown)” and Scott Cameron’s “The Stars Above” races around one synth line and a quick beat (not unusual to what is presented here) but it is, like lots of what’s on Essentials Vol. 1, a damn good, get-your-ass-on-the-floor-and-bounce dance tune. It’s obvious that the Teknofonic artists know their modern club music and can present it well.

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Teknofonic: Essentials Vol. 1