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Published On: Thu, May 26th, 2016

Hot Rumour: MMXVI

hot rumorHot Rumour

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Los Angeles’ Hot Rumour presents impassioned, alternative music on their debut EP, MMXVI. “Alien” has a church-like organ bleeding through with Josh Ficchi’s tribal beating and Aaron Ficchi’s high warble thrusting us into a heavy, heady, yet very singable brew. “Run to Me” has a good, heavy, snap beat, a plink-able single note behind Aaron’s very sexy delivery. This one is a big single-like tune, swirling and naughty between metallic stomps in the verse and a roiling chorus; it’s great stuff, really. Even the very commercial “uh uh oh” refrain is super effective and infectious. Frankie Siragusa has his arpeggiated synth work cut out for him on the jumpy “Two Days to Millennium,” countering Aaron’s rhythm guitar and the heavy push in an over-driven chorus. The plinky piano and wacka-wack, almost John Lennon-like spike guitar in “Psycho” mixes great with Aaron’s warble. There are good backing vocals here as well. This is one of the more interesting tunes here, on an EP of very interesting tunes, indeed. Of all six here though, “All Going to Hell” probably works best for me, showcasing this trio firing on all pistons. The song makes full use of the players featuring guitar, the drums understated in the plodding, keys-laden production mix and I feel this is Aaron’s best reach of his wonderful voice. MMXVI is a solid offering of thickly woven, well-played, well-written songs from a band who obviously have their sound well in hand.

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Hot Rumour: MMXVI