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Published On: Tue, Jul 5th, 2016

Cool Company: Summer Daze

summer dazeCool Company
Summer Daze
(Cool Company Music)

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Cool Company, from Brooklyn, NY, presents their Summer Daze EP, a six-song mélange from Matt “Fat Matt” Fishman and Yannick “Cool Yan” Hughes. “Sunrise” opens with annoying, low keys and only really recovers because of Hughes’ lilting vocals and a snapping beat, when Fishman comes back with his chants and through to the end, the tune grooves but relies too much on an almost-rap feel that undercuts it. The island groove of percussion and acoustic guitar of “Simple Things” fares better. I’m still not convinced of the male vocals here (both the singing and the rap), but there is a great groove to this second song, making it a very strong offering indeed. Once again, I’m captured by Fishman’s guitar on “Overload” and even his singing here works (granted, with Hughes delivering solid backing vocals). But again, why do we need the rap, man? Wow, piano really for the last tune? “Sandcastles” has wonderful, soft vocals from Fishman, a sly metallic percussion under it all, but the over-driven keys may be a little too loud. Then finally, finally a rap that works; with it’s slowly sung/spoken lyrics, this is Fishman’s best moment and the best tune for me on Summer Daze. Even the distorted chant works at the end. There are a lot of interesting production moments here; Hughes has a good voice and when Fishman can keep his rapping contained, there are near-brilliant moments here.

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Cool Company: Summer Daze