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Published On: Mon, Aug 8th, 2016

Mya: Smoove Jones

Smoove Jones

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Mya is one of those artists who is often overlooked, even when she was more prevalent in music with a big rush of hits. There was Brandy and Monica and Aaliyah back then! It was great time, but to me, Mya was the “entertainment” and although she charted, she was the underdog. Smoove Jones is an independent release and is pretty much a hit-and-miss project. Please don’t misinterpret my sentiments. I enjoyed listening, but while some songs I loved instantly, some songs, not so much.”Coolin'” is groovy; I like her approach. Her sound has matured, but she remains true to her style.”Team You” takes me back to that classic R&B  time and the melody flows smoothly. I love “Hold On,” as it bounces and inspires. It expresses perseverance in only a way Mya could. I was pleasantly surprised by “Phya.” It’s infectious and I had to replay it a few times just for the vocals! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to enjoy her music. I now have the time to really listen.”Team You” is sexy and an ode to the girl who’s faithful and loving to her man. “Spoil Me” speaks of the current state of R&B right now and is an anthem for the ladies. I love the catchy one-liners with a message. She has a few old school joints for when you’re in the mood as well.

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Mya: Smoove Jones