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Published On: Fri, Sep 2nd, 2016

Carsie Blanton: So Ferocious

carsieCarsie Blanton
So Ferocious
(So Ferocious Records)

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The flirty, unique vocals of Carsie Blanton, a Rebirth Brass Band sample, and Joseph Plowman’s expert walking bass informs the killer shunk of “Hot Night,” the opener on Carsie’s scrumptious new album So Ferocious. An insistent piano plink from Patrick Firth and snapping snare pushes “Vim and Vigor,” a sexy declaration with a slightly over-driven production. (There are actually a few places here when things get so loud they almost distort – a wonderful effect really.) Firth’s electric piano and some strings swirl under the sweet ballad “Lovin Is Easy.” I really like the lyrics on this one, especially strong coming from a lady, but marking what is evident in Blanton’s overall attitude and approach, making this tune one of the better here, on an album of 10 that are all pretty much great. “Scoundrel” is almost 50’s-girl-group sounding. With plodding bass notes, wonderful harmonies and a combination of synths for the lead played by the outstanding Firth. “To Be Known” is a slow, plucky little ballad about “melancholy on the wind” with string backing and Carsie’s lilt roiling around. “The Animal I Am” is a tune where we once again get the sexy side of this great singer/songwriter featuring some well-placed backing vocals and the band getting loud in their particular studied way; it mines a great groove, really. For me though, the ending tune “Fever Dream” is maybe the best here. With a flicking acoustic, Carsie just singing easy and intimate to the groove, it’s as if we are getting a peak into her private bedroom, the lady sitting down to just sing to herself. If you weren’t drawn into this woman’s world before, this killer last track is going to suck you in for sure. As I have before, when it comes to Carsie Blanton releases, I am recommending music to be sure. So Ferocious is so very good. 

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Carsie Blanton: So Ferocious