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Published On: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2016

Talking High-Powered Bullets and all Things Naughty with Wendy Adams of Teddy Love

bullet-pinkIn 2014 I spoke to Wendy Adams at Teddy Love (see here). At that time, the company had released their first and seminal product of the brand, a cute little Teddy who happened to vibrate for all your best places. Here we are in 2016 and the company has kept up their inventing. Their just released “Ultra Bullet” is a high-powered (and not so quiet) little USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, silky smooth full silicone vibrator with 20 settings of varied shimmies and shakes that are sure to send you to the moon and back. I am not sure I have ever handled (purely for research purposes of course) such a small vibrator with this kind of power.

I love going back time and again with great people who have so much going on. I was so thrilled Wendy could take time out from her busy schedule to sit down with THE SEX FILES once again.

A couple of years ago we spoke about the adorable Teddy Love, what’s been happening for you guys since you introduced that vibrating bear on the market?

Since I launched TEDDY LOVE we have used our trademark and brand name to expand into other products, such as the TEDDY LOVE tickler/slapper, TEDDY LOVE butt plugs, and cute BDSM and high-end outfits for the bear. Further, we have expanded our product line to include novel products that include vibrators, S&M products, prolonged erection spray and a flesh-light product. We are expanding our product line daily and have new products in development and are open to having people invest in individual products.

Have you seen the market for adult toys increasing or decreasing since we last spoke?

We have definitely seen the market increasing, and have experienced so many cool niche markets. These markets are unknown to the vanilla crowd, yet magnetically allure you. Being involved in these sub-cultures is the key to our success.

Following from the above, have you been trying to follow/predict trends, and if so how has that influenced what you have recently come up with.

Yes, we have migrated from a purely distributor business model to a more social media and web-based company.

Have you come across some things people are asking for that, because of your business ethos or personal taste, you do not want to get into?

No, not really. A question we get a lot is regarding branching into other animals and I have explained that we have used TEDDY LOVE as the brand and are becoming more horizontally integrated.

What do you have your eye on for the future? Are there any specific toys or even other avenues of adult or even mainstream entertainment you might want to get into?

The next place we are headed is expanding our existing product lines.

I think the Ultra Bullet is wonderful.

Thanks very much. Yes, we love it. In the upcoming future, more and more, we are going to leverage the TEDDY LOVE brand and get into TEDDY-LOVE-themed lingerie as well.

Where can people find your products?

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Talking High-Powered Bullets and all Things Naughty with Wendy Adams of Teddy Love