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Published On: Wed, Oct 5th, 2016

MJM: Parables Part 1

Parables Part 1

Mark J. Morgan (MJM) is a self-taught pianist/guitarist who is transitioning his hip-hop/rap songwriting into a more traditional R&B sound for his new album MJM Parables Part 1. Opening with “With You,” a soft drone, slow, snapping snare under MJM’s higher warble tune on which we get a subtle use of backing vocals here that works very well in this romantic plea. I love the odd wash of keys that begin “Hold You Down” and the slipping back beat. There are really cool soundscapes here under a desperate, fast rap with a repeated refrain that kind of gets under your skin and you just can’t help but sing along to. “Human Nature” is a snapping, romantic, slow groove with pulsating keys and another fast rap. Ender “For the Culture” shows MJM tickling the ivories with what might be the most rockin’ track; the man has taught himself piano well, that’s for sure. These lyrics especially tell of Morgan’s view of present life. As he says about his music these days, “I’m vulnerable in my approach, but really believe all of my music should have a message and provide resolution in some way.” MJM Parables Part 1 is certainly six tunes from an artist who feels very deeply.

You can check out his music here.

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MJM: Parables Part 1