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Published On: Wed, Oct 26th, 2016

Phoebe Nir: Side Hustle

phoebePhoebe Nir
Side Hustle
(True Groove)

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Cutesy vocals from Phoebe Nir inform the jangly cover of “Lust for Life” that opens the New Yorker’s new EP Side Hustle. “Joe!” is a big horn mover, showcasing how strong Nir’s vocals can be, as well as how well played/placed Mac Gollehon’s horns are throughout this release. The True Groove All-Stars’ shouts of “Joe!” in the chorus and the tight, hard snare hits from drummer James “Whoop” Coley add to the fun. I just love the pop snap of “Film School” with its wry, NYC sensibilities to the lyrics, Nir’s talking vocals in the verses, and the naughty come-on of the chorus. Again, there is some perfectly placed stuff in the production here, Mike Griot’s bass and again Coley’s drumming especially showing. The title track is a piano push/horn spiky jazzy shot-of-a-tune, really showcasing Nir’s personality in the vocals, but I prefer the rimshot-like click-a-clop, subtle bass and floaty piano behind her mediocre vocals on “The Broken Parts.” The lyrics here are really pointed and perfect; the lady is really talking about something important I feel. Nir does this throughout actually. She is a very strong lyricist indeed. “Oh Ana” ends the EP. It’s a rather unremarkable acoustic guitar-led folky read with some scratchy sounds around it. The stuff that went before is better. Overall Phoebe Nir’s Side Hustle is a good listen of what this interesting singer/songwriter is about and how the True Groove family of musicians once again bring their A game.

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Phoebe Nir: Side Hustle