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Published On: Mon, Jan 2nd, 2017

Chinx: Legends Never Die

Legends Never Die
(eOne Music)

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Lionel Pickens, AKA Chinx, was a talent taken too soon. After being murdered on May 15th, 2015, I became aware of this rap phenom that was supposed to bring some life back to New York hip hop. A native of Far Rockaway and a friend of French Montana, he most definitely would have made a grand introduction. What I didn’t know was that he had been making music since the early 2000’s. He was originally known as Chinx Drugz. He started performing in junior high and never stopped. His beginnings started with Stack Bundles, who was affiliated with the Rockaway Riot Squad, building a fan base at the home front. He later joined Coke Boys with French Montana.

Legends Never Die appears to be in mid-production and may have been edited by others.  It is a complete project, but who knows the direction Chinx himself may have envisioned for the album’s final cut. There are a few tracks on the album that stand out to me. “Hold Up” has stellar production and a catchy hook. It’s a song I would look forward to seeing live. The live drums pull you in with a flow that seeps through. “Top of the Year” makes me wanna dance. The combination of making a boss record that still can get club approval is a gift all in itself. I see how French and Chinx can have studio chemistry. This is a certified club hit. “Same Ol Hood” just feels good. I love to measure good hip hop by how cruise worthy it is. This song is one I would love to drive around New York City listening to on a hot summer day. It’s a song I’d hear and wonder Who’s that? It also makes me sad his life was so short. I know rap can come across a bit vulgar, buts its a culture. The culture allows for freedom of expression and in that expression words like “bitch” are thrown around. “Real Bitch” is a certain kind of song. To be blatant, it’s a strip club song. It’s appropriate for the environment and enjoyable for what its worth. I regret to write on an artist in the past tense. I wish I could have had visuals and maybe a remix. Salute to you Chinx. You were the life of the party.

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Chinx: Legends Never Die