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Published On: Thu, Jan 5th, 2017

Emeli Sandé: Long Live the Angels

emeliEmeli Sandé
Long Live the Angels

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Emeli! The thought of her brings a smile to my face. We’ve come a long way from “Next To Me,” a song I still love to this very day. That song was released in 2012. (Time flies!) This petite powerhouse just continues to serve us well-written, melodic, dreamy tunes of truth and optimism. Coming from a rising career in the United Kingdom, we’re all late on this train, but better late than never. One thing that is very evident is how well her songs are written. My discovering that her inspirations are Frida Kahlo and Nina Simone gives me totally new respect and a new outlook on her, both musically and as an artist. After hearing her first single, “Breathing Underwater,” I knew I wanted to really get to know her, sit with her songs and enjoy them. The single alone is so powerful and has such profound meaning. Her songs of empowerment are always striking. I think my absolute favorite is “Garden.” It’s a contrast of so many ideas; it’s dark, but light, aggressive, but delicately expressed. She displays her ability to do something completely outside the box. It shows that she’s very aware of her sound, but equally as aware of her abilities. “I’d Rather Not” is a beautiful breakup song. Its an experience you must have on your own. Its simply a beautiful song. I connected a lot to “Lonely.” The song is so vulnerable and honest. It’s acoustic, which leaves space to listen and fully appreciate her voice. “Highs and Lows” is a cute, uptempo track, but stills stays true to her recipe. It’s a great song and I hope her next single. Music like this deserves a platform! If you love feel-good music that uplifts, go get this album!

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Emeli Sandé: Long Live the Angels