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Published On: Wed, Feb 8th, 2017

Eric Frisch: Music Under the Sea

ericEric Frisch
Music Under the Sea
(Like a Fox Records)

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A mournful piano plays into a chunky beat and synth melody line on “Slow Drawn/Feeling in My Heart,” the opener to Eric Frisch’s new Music Under the Sea. From a doubled vocal to some sweet guitar noodling to even a spoken middle part of this love song, one is quickly taken along on the personal and singular vision of this album. On “Telling You Cause You’re the Only One,” once again we get some high, soaring, beautiful vocals (this one especially has a nice Beach Boys feel to it) with a piano, then some hand claps leading the way. “The Light Ahead” is stamped with more of a 50’s feel, rockin’ sweetly as it does with over-driven backing and Eric’s upfront doubled vocals again. The man is certainly exploring lots of different drum/percussion sounds here and slipping in keys for nice tonal representation, while maintaining that certain retro vibe. The snapping and heavy bass plodding of “I Can’t Wait Much Longer” sets up a good flicky beat (the tune is jaunty but going nowhere fast) and the acoustic space and snare of “In the Morning Light” presents a sparse background for Frisch to give his best vocals. “Can’t Believe You’re Gone” ends the album, built around a way back in the back beat and echo droplets of single guitar notes, recreating melodies one could swear they might have heard before on Music Under the Sea. All in all, Eric Frisch presents a tight little package of some sweet similar sounds around his strong pipes.

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Eric Frisch: Music Under the Sea