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Published On: Thu, Mar 9th, 2017

ZZZ discusses his line of Adult Comic books, ZZZ Comics

ZZZ ComicsI give you more sexy writing this week…but specifically, it is sprinkled in between the wildly drawn pages of ZZZ Comics. ZZZ, the pseudonym of the man who spearheads this publishing endeavor, releases naughty comics centered around the giantess theme; girls busting out of their clothes, adding yards to their muscles, even men growing bigger…in all the ways you can imagine. Have a look at what ZZZ offers here and give a gander at what he told me about his comic line. He is also slipping into New York in July for the Sizecon convention (see here). Maybe you could meet him there.

How did you come to be doing this?
Several years ago I moved to Europe with my wife who is European, and I had a hard time landing a job because of the economy and my lack of French (he laughs). I was making some 3D model images for fun on the side and posting them to deviantart, but then someone offered to pay me to make something specific for them. After that, I did commissions for a while, then someone asked me to do adult images for them, and then later someone commissioned me to do a comic.  I found it fun and decided to try making one for myself. I released it for free and people liked it but it was very time consuming, so when I made a second one I decided to sell it for a similar price to other stuff on the market.  Eventually, I decided to try hiring someone to do an illustrated comic instead of a 3D one and these days I offer both 3D and illustrated on my site.

In America, we don’t usually think of sex and comics meshing unless one goes back a bit with Fritz The Cat or we have managed to get our hands on Heavy Metal. Has there always been a big naughty comic movement here, just underground? And is it more mainstream now?

You can find a few printed comics here and there with sex, but it’s usually in the far back corner of a shop and there isn’t a big selection. Online is a different story of course, especially for specific fetishes.

Talk about the stuff your books are about.

My books are mostly about giantess, women becoming bustier/sexier, or about amazons, female muscle growth, and all the comics contain some form of growing. I also have some books that include male giants and men growing more muscular and well endowed.

Is there anything you haven’t gotten into yet that you’d like to explore?

There are definitely some fetishes out there I have given a partial go at in some of my comics, such as peril and vampires/werewolves but they haven’t been as successful for me. If I could cover the cost and time put into a full comic on these themes, then I’d definitely give them a go again.

From the inception of the idea to finding a writer and artist, to getting all the pieces together and editing, how long does it take to produce one book?

It really depends on the artists. Some of my artists are amazingly fast and can knock a book out in a month. Others, it can take 3 months or more. Writing is usually a few days from outline to finished script. So somewhere between 1-3 months, never less than that and sometimes longer.

These comics are mainly published digitally, right? Do you ever offer print versions of the book? Is print dead overall?

We just had our first printed books in a local convention in Phoenix and we plan to do more conventions that allow the adult stuff. Many people still prefer to have the comic in their hands as opposed to being on a computer, phone, or tablet.

What’s coming in the future for you?

I plan to do more printed comics this year, and I am in talks to try something experimental. Two somethings actually. If all goes to plan I will present one or both this April. There is also Sizecon in July. Make sure to keep an eye on our website for updates at

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ZZZ discusses his line of Adult Comic books, ZZZ Comics