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Published On: Thu, Apr 6th, 2017

THE SEX FILES: Beat Me in St. Louis 2017 Part 2

Now as much as I mentioned TJ and his lady Beauty, how wonderful they were in making sure our fliers were printed, handed to us and checking in to make sure we had all we needed, I also need to mention Spurius Lartius, who once again was sitting in our class making sure the comment cards were passed around at the one-hour twenty mark, fetched Chris and I waters, made sure we had just about anything else we needed. We had met this soft-spoken gentleman last time and he was amiable and sweet this year as last…and very damn helpful indeed. As I said in part one, and as everyone at this convention always comments on, The Beat Me staff is the best, they make things run so smoothly and presenters and attendees both are treated like gold by them.

Let’s face it, a kink get together does not make it into its 20th year without doing something right…as far as I am concerned, these folks do everything right.

After running out for that barbecue I told you about, Chris and I gave our early evening class of “Tit Torture For Boobs: A breast play intensive.” Again we had a couple of comely volunteers (3 this time) for Chris’s hands-on demonstrations and my partner especially expounded on his love for clothespins in this kind of play. Sorry, I’m hetero, I do indeed like to see the various attractive pairs of boobs we are treated to when doing these classes, and the ladies here were wonderful and their boobs, well…very nice indeed. Of course, I was only looking for educational purposes.

Two classes down and no walk-outs during the hour-and-a-half, I figured we were in the plus column. I do judge these things, I try to get a temperature of each room we work. It probably comes from my music performance background but at the end of the day I want the people who come to spend time with Chris and me to enjoy themselves, maybe learn a little something, certainly teach us a thing or two, but I certainly want them to feel that their time with us was well spent.

After class we chatted a bit-Chris and I have a few book projects we are currently working on, so when we get face to face we tend to plan and throw ideas around-but what we were mostly hoping for this night was to make the free midnight buffet, having bobbled our barbecue lunch around 3. So retiring to our individual rooms (BMSL rents out a complete hotel, so anyone staying there over the weekend is part of the event, a much easier way to facilitate folks occasionally walking around in leather etc. and not freaking out vanilla guests who might be staying at the same hotel) we went to take naps.

I woke up at 6:30 the next morning. Yes, the one hour time difference is hell on me! Meeting Chris down at the staff room for another chock-with-variety meal, we loaded up on coffee and breakfast and then got ready for our last class of the weekend, “Alternate Bondage.” I figured we were in for a crapshoot as far as attendance on a Sunday morning at 10am, but though the class had fewer people in it then our others, the people who had joined us were ripe and ready. We got lots of questions, two volunteers we hadn’t vetted before class and I felt that I particularly had the most to say this time…go figure.

Chris, as usual, was a rock star…oh yes, Spurius Lartius was there again, his friendly face steering us through.

Catching some lunch, and having a very private chat with Rosie, who I was humbled by and will be eternally grateful for, Rosie drove us  down to St. Louis’ infamous City Museum, a spot everybody told us about last time. A four-story high ex-pencil factory, inside and out this place is littered with walkways, slides, interactive spaces where any adult or child could get lost for hours (see here). We did so for about two. Little do the kids who come here know, but they could so take over the whole thing if they wanted and declare the museum their own nation in a real life Lord Of The Flies take-over!

Rosie came and got us and whisked us to the airport in plenty of time so Chris and I could hang before our flights-his to SFO, mine to Newark Liberty-taking off within twenty minutes of each other. Sad to say goodbye to Rosie, and then later Chris, still I knew we had a successful trip to Beat Me In St. Louis for the second year in a row and now only hope to be asked back again for next year.

I want to thank everybody at the STL3 organization, if I forgot to mention a name or two forgive (or spank) me please. You can reach the good people of Beat Me and its organization STL3 at and

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THE SEX FILES: Beat Me in St. Louis 2017 Part 2