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Published On: Fri, Apr 21st, 2017

Silver Lake 66: Let Go or Be Dragged

Silver Lake 66
Let Go or Be Dragged

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The Americana duo (“Americana” now standing in for “country” as far as music genres are concerned, no?) of Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo constitutes Silver Lake 66. Revealing a classic country, rock, and blues mix, the two have released their latest, Let Go or Be Dragged. Starting with the slide-led, sad Overbo lead vocals of “Bury My Bones in Arkansas,” the duo then moves into even slower and sweeter territory (again that pedal steel adds a lot of atmosphere). Maria takes lead vocals on the laconic country ballad “Change Your Mind.” Vocal mixing is what these two are about and they do it well, with both switching off leads and harmonies perfectly. I like the big expansive feel on “Sherman County.” Again, it is the same instrumentation, that slide, almost-not-making-it beat, but Francis’ vocals here are perfect and the lyrics say quite a lot without actually saying too much. Again here, Overbo adds his vocals, in a very singable chorus. The snapping, mid-tempo shunk of “San Francisco Angel” gets things moving in a nice pop-country vein. Overbo takes lead vocals on this one. “End of the Day” is a full, rich acoustic ballad, with keys sliding in and Overbo and Francis trading lead vocals, harmonizing once again on another singable chorus. This one features the best guitar turn from Overbo. Electric guitar string bending opens “Doctor,” the last tune on Let Go or Be Dragged. Francis’ limited-but-pretty voice leads and piano fills out the chorus with Overbo’s twangy background vocals in a sardonic, gospel-like read on getting through the day.

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Silver Lake 66: Let Go or Be Dragged