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Published On: Thu, May 25th, 2017

Jamiroquai: Automaton


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It’s been seven years since Jamiroquai released an album, but it sounds like they haven’t missed a beat on their new release, Automaton. The album features 12 tracks ranging from funky, electronic dance songs to moody R&B-style jams, which all feature some allusions to new technologies and artificial intelligence. The title track is one of the highlights and it gives an idea of what to expect with it’s cool electronic intriguing rhythm, smooth vocals, old-school style rap interlude, and catchy chorus. The lyrics aptly state, “I said goodbye to the world I knew” as the song seems to innovatively defy genre and the future-focused story of cyber lounges and digital androids seem to infer a whole sci-fi universe. This is followed up by “Cloud 9,” which is an upbeat, feel-good track that calls back early eighties Michael Jackson. The album does have a few more experimental and straight-up funk tracks like “Hot Property” and “Dr. Buzz,” which merge a 70’s-inspired disco and funk feel similar to the world of Daft Punk with an early-80’s rap vibe too. Overall, the album is a great listen and it’s sense of fun and funk can appeal to a wide audience.

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Jamiroquai: Automaton